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May 30, 2008


Chris Aldrich

Hi Sarah,

Just a couple of additional notes - last year Mystery News joined Deadly Pleasures as the co-sponsors of the Barry Awards, which were named for Barry Gardner (more info on Barry at http://blackravenpress.com/BarryGardner.htm).

And the nominees for the Best Short Story Barry Award are:

"Dead As a Dog" by Doug Allyn (EQMM July 2007)
"The Book Case" by Dale C. Andrews and Kurt Sercu (EQMM May 2007)
"The Missing Elevator Puzzle" by Jon L. Breen (EQMM February 2007)
"Bump" by Jeffery Deaver (Dead Man's Hand)
"The Problem of the Summer Snowman" by Edward D. Hoch (EQMM November 2007)
"The Old Wife's Tale" by Gillian Roberts (EQMM March-April 2007)
"Murder: A User's Guibe" by Neil Schofield (AHMM July-August 2007)

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