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July 23, 2008



I'm not crazy about his criticism, but I loved him as the lawyer on SHARK.

Bill Crider

Always glad to see someone recommend William Zinsser. I have copies of ON WRITING WELL in several editions. Great stuff, even though it sadly lacks sheep-shagging stories. But Woody Allen did the best one of those in EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX. The image of the bereft Gene Wilder with his bottle of Woolite sticks with me.


Actually, the best of the bestiality jokes I know involves a goat.
I step very lightly around the "writing well" pundits. Rules tend to teach people to replicate what the pundits approve of.


Annie Dillard's The Writing Life is also really wonderful.

Bill Cameron

I know a guy who fucked a sheep.

And, no, it wasn't me.


"I wish I knew what James Wood says about how his brain works on matters having nothing whatsoever to do with fiction."

some of the answers to your questions could perhaps be found in his novel. I know that sounds odd because a novel has everything to do with fiction-- but it comes purely from his brain in a way literary criticism just doesn't.

Incidentally, I thought that Observer article was ridiculous.

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