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August 08, 2008


David Thayer

Thanks for the link Sarah. Now I want to be a Mormon missionary.

Scott Phillips

I noticed that she claimed to be a screenwriter, so I IMDBd the name and found nothing....upon Googling it I found thousands upon thousands of iterations of the dog story, but not one to any sort of screen work.

Where have the factcheckers gone?


It's very possible, Scott, that she may have subsisted as one of those screenwriters who write screenplays that never get produced.

Leonard T. Carruthers

It's even more possible that she's one of those people who claims to be a screenwriter because she once flipped through a copy of Syd Field's book at Barnes and Noble, and occasionally sets up her laptop at Starbucks. About as legitimate as most of the so-called bloggers out there.


Is this what is called, what goes around comes around?

Alafair Burke

I linked to this story at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1042506/A-cloned-dog-Mormon-mink-lined-handcuffs-tantalising-mystery.html

which, believe it or not, contains even more detail about this TMI story. My favorite line: "the pair fled to Canada ... disguised as deaf-mute mime artistes."

Stacey Cochran

And to think, it all began in Newland.

danny bloom

I am doing research on this fake cloning Booger story. Ms McKinney is a serial liar. she lied about being a screen writer, she lied about teaching drama "at several US colleges, she lied at first about being the Mormon rapist, and did you know she did not have to pay full 150,0o0 USD fee, reduced to just 50,000 for her, because she HELPED OUT with publicity, according to the lab. read between the lines, those dogs were not cloned from booger's dna, they are just normal puppies, cute as hell, but we been had by a serial liar. i am looking into this. it's funny, and sad. WATCH THIS STORY IMPLODE.....

danny bloom

this story from Korea was in JUNE, notice the first sentence qualifier



Three claimed-to-be clones of a family dog Missy, produced in between
December 2007 and April 2008 by Hwang Woo-suk.

danny bloom

RNL Bio charges up to $150,000 for dog cloning but will receive just a
third of that sum from McKinney because she is the first customer and
helped with publicity, said company head Ra Jeong-chan.

****smoking gun......HELPED WITH PR.,......see!


American woman who cloned dog leaves South Korea without pups

Aug. 15

Hmmmmmmm. i wonder why?

SEOUL, South Korea — The American woman who made global headlines for
commissioning clones of her favourite pet dog has left South Korea
without the puppies.

Bernann McKinney was in South Korea this month to see the five dogs
duplicated from her dead pitbull Booger by Seoul-based RNL Bio.

But the publicity led to her being identified as a woman who faced
charges in the 1970s of abduction and unlawful imprisonment of a
Mormon missionary in Britain.

Kim Yoon, a spokeswoman for RNL Bio, said McKinney left South Korea
last week to go back to the United States as scheduled and did not
take the puppies.

Kim said she did not know whether McKinney would return to collect the animals


Your comments and perverted stories on Miss McKinney are false, LIBELOUS, and defamatory! (For example, she has NEVER been charged with "kidnapping and raping a 300 pound 6'5" Mormon", for example. FURTHERMORE, she has sued for this story--a press HOAX propagated by members of the MORMON CULT for YEARS--and COLLECTED thousands of dollars in damages for this slander! In truth and reality in 1977, she tried to rescue her fiance from a known cult--the MORMONS, whose PR teams spread this malicious slander using their wire service and media contacts--then brought it up again when they heard she had cloned the puppies in order to destroy her life once again. ) As for those adorable cloned puppies--they are now living with Miss McKinney, who did her Ph.D. work in Film. She is writing a book and screenplay on the story behind the headlines... detailing her life with their dad and his work as a service dog and why he was cloned. The money will hopefully be used to start a training center for service dogs, called, (in Booger's honor) "Booger's Place" where dogs rescued from pounds will be trained to help handicapped people. The darling SUPER INTELLIGENT clone-puppies are fine, healthy, and now over a year old and already service dogs, who are like their clone-parent in every way--including physical appearance (right down to a butterfly shaped white patch on their chests!) and gentle sweet Booger personality. They began opening doors WITHOUT training (as HE did) at age four months. They are already doing bathtub lifts and floor pulls, and have the gentlest of natures, just as their clone-parent. And they even love apple pie from McDonalds--just like he did. Miss McKinney was simply a handicapped woman whom wanted her beloved service dog back, and did NOT deserve the invasion of privacy she had to endure--OR the slander and libel or the LIES told on her by this NUT Danny Bloom, who began to mount a campaign to slander and discredit her on the internet. The puppies (unlike crackpot Bloom says) ARE truly clones. You may verify this by calling the University of California at Davis and speaking with Elizabeth --a doctor at the the genetics lab there who verified the fact that they were indeed CLONES via DNA testing.

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