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October 12, 2008


Stacey Cochran

Great convention, everyone. Y'all rock!

I managed to video record most of the Guest of Honor Interviews. Two of them are already online, and I'll be getting the rest online this week.

Check out http://www.charmedtodeath.com/ for the video updates.

Again, y'all rock! And thank you to Jon, Ruth, Judy, and everyone who helped to make this such an awesome event!


Wonderful! To me this Bcon felt a small block party for Ruth, Jon and Judy's 1500 or so close friends. Hope you feel better.
Cara also on antibiotics


It was great to see you in Baltimore, and so sorry you're not feeling well - hope the antibiotics work quickly.

And, Judy and the Jordans rock ;-)


Cornelia Read

So sorry to miss it, but glad you guys all had such a good time!

xx Anemic Cornelia


thought of you this weekend with the B'con festivities and me missing it...is it weird that I've been at the last two, and have yet to write a mystery novel, or even pretend I care to write one? :) Did you do a "what not to wear" at B'con list? Because truly, the world needs it. miss you!

Mark Sullivan

Nah, I'm sure it was you at a great Bouchercon.

Jen Jordan

There was an evil virus going around, one that could very well live up to the Rickards Flu from Chicago! But I would not forgo the illness in order to forgo the events of this weekend.

Sarah, adoration. Endless adoration.

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