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April 22, 2009


Dana King

I also received one of those little packages. They even Expreee Mailed it to me, at a cost of $25. I was, however, unaware or ARG, or of the book. I opened the envelope, saw the "play Me" note attached to the recorder, and, with my finger poised over the button, thought, "This is the scene right before the credits where the guy pushes the button and it blows up."

By the end of the day a federal agent had been to my house to X-ray the recorder and proclaim it safe. A blog entry attracted the attention of some ARGers, and I was able to help them a little with information from my mailing, though I had no interest in the game. Seemed kind of tame after the fed with the portable X-ray gear and anthrax sniffer.

I appear to be the only person so badly confused by this. I probably read too much crime fiction.

jenny milchman

Dana...LOL...If I were a person of enough import to have received this package, I would also assume that next came the scene where I am on top of a speeding train, a gunny sack around my head...

I admire the creativity of the VM People team, but the devil's advocate in me wonders if marketing strategies like this are inherently gimmicky. And if that seems an obvious yes, well, is that a bad thing? Are we playing (pun intended) to a gaming generation, a twitter crowd that likes things immediate and punchy? Is there room left for the purely textual charms of a compelling story, the kind once told around a fire, where the most technical items available were two sticks?

David Thayer

I don't if it was me or the translation but I found the book sanitized of its Germanness and the plot annoying. On top of that I wanted someone to kill the main character after about ten pages. That can't be good.

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