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May 01, 2009



Sarah left out one thing - SHE looked fabulous.

To Skye and Otto: Shhh...

And I'll be the only one to say it publicly - Jeff Parker deserved that third Edgar like Elvis deserved his blackbelt.

I was also disappointed that Parker seemed to get a kick out of Skye and just let her go - even dumping fuel on the fire when he decided to let her announce the winner when he was scheduled to.

Very disrespectful to the nominees and to MWA.

David J. Montgomery

I love Jeff Parker's writing, but "Skinhead Central" was not his best work.

Happy to see C.J. Box win Best Novel, though. I didn't read this particular book, but I've been impressed with his writing in the past. (Still, disappointed that Robert Ferrigno didn't win.)


I've been an Edgar judge and have had a different experience, Sean. While the majority of the judges were and did just as you say, we had one that refused to look at the submissions coming in because he "knew" what was the best in that particular category. His mind was made up before we began.

Luckily, myself and the other judges outnumbered him and were able to produce what I think

Skye Moody

Having just come across this feedback mechanism from the 2008 Edgar Awards ceremony, I feel:

1] Not responisible for defending my pre-agreed-upon, though less than eloquent "drawing out" of the suspense for Best Novel.

2] I do feel a correction needs making: I was indeed scheduled to announce the winner.

3] No worries; we all have our difficult public moments--fodderfor fiction, even when certain circumstances remain unknown to the public.

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