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May 21, 2009



Excellent article - I will certainly try is books after this.


So, basically, the North Koreans are simply human beings, with human problems with consequences in degrees of multitude more or less severe due to a totalitarian government. What's my point? From my point of view, it's hard to to see North Koreans as human beings. I don't mean that to sound cold, but the last question Church answered, particularly when he said "North Korea is a bureaucracy..." put a finger on something I couldn't quite grasp when regarding the country. Bureaucracies are machines and seem inherent to communist systems of government; almost as if the same communist governments are technological ludites whose populations are mere resources to be utilized. And that's how I see North Korea and its population. You don't hear much ground-level news coming out of the country - what the farmers are up to, the average citizen in the capital and their meanderings; it's usually always about Axis-of-Terror this, or missile that, sprinkled with the requisite nuclear arms talks once in a while.

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