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May 14, 2009



Now if only Lee Child actually knew anything about firearms, instead of parroting specs and sizes back to us, he might really have something. As it is, his use of firearms as plot points can often be his books' downfall.

St Paul

David J. Montgomery

It seems clear that Maslin didn't care for Lee's book very much, and for Andrew's even less. Perhaps her reluctance to actually say that inspired this somewhat clunky hybrid of a profile/review.


Nice, very nice reviewing,Sarah. I would welcome a less physical and more thoughtful Reacher myself. The man needs some depth.

Patti Abbott

Always far wiser than your years would suggest. Lovely.

David Wright

Jack Reacher was 37 in Killing Floor, which was released in 1997, so he's about 49 right now.

I wonder if Child will mark Reacher's big 5-0 in the next novel.

jenny milchman

Sarah, your speculation and analysis give me insight into something I've been saying for years--that I LOVE this highly technical, highly macho series and just don't quite understand why. There is an emotional subtext and a layer of depth that's there for the tapping. I'm reading ONE SHOT now--have been playing them out--but quite excited to catch up.

Stacey Cochran

I started reading my ARC for Gone Tomorrow last night. It is so much fun: the suspense, the dry humor, the twists, the turns, the spare prose. Lee is just a very damn good writer.

There's not a whole lot of 'em, folks.


I think Maslin does lazy book reports, not book reviews - check out her comments on any Robert B. Parker.
I still buy each Lee Child but I do think the last books have lost something. I did hear him on some radio program saying that his fans did not approve of some of his books and he had switched back. This has perhaps resulted in some loss of creativity and more coasting.

PS: As an admirer of ¨Fingerpost¨, I wish you had not highlighted the conclusion to the Stone review, still you did note a counter view.

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