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May 19, 2009


David J. Montgomery

With a lineup like that, I'd feel bad voting for myself.

So maybe everyone else can vote for me instead.

Ayo Onatade

Huge congratulations!! It's when I see line-ups like this that I wish I was going to Indy! Best of luck Sarah.

Corey Wilde

Great line up. Wow! Congrats to all of the nominees.

Jeri Westerson

Big congrats on the Anthony nomination! See you there.

Jim Huang

I couldn't agree more with your last line: "what would be great is if the demand for traditional mysteries spurred editors to look that much harder for higher quality work. Not everyone writes at the level of Louise Penny, but they really ought to."

I've love to see more publishers respond to the demand that's obviously there (based on awards lists like this). They need to take traditional mysteries seriously: edit and acquire more selectively, publish these traditional series properly and get more of them into stores!

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