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June 30, 2009


Friggin Loon

I am surprise that Larsson's family are so relunctant to publish his fourth book, considering that was his intended purpose. Geez, families!!!!

Psst I am waiting for someone to write a post about how many cups of coffee were made and/or drunk in each book. At one stage every second page mentioned coffee !


oh well. such a shame he died before his time.

Benjamin Pilkington

The Larsson family are indisputable villains in this sad story, and it's irresponsible to report on the Millennium Affair without making that clear at the outset. The Larsson heirs, through their own words on tape, have long since identified themselves as despicable exploiters, and Gelen's claim that there was contact between Stieg Larsson and either his father or brother has absolutely no credibility. The Swedish government's medieval laws, which give no rights to Ms Gabrielsson despite the incontestable fact that she was the author's loyal, preferred and intimate partner and collaborator throughout the entire period of the books' creation, should be immediately repealed, so that this litany of national shame and familial cupidity may at last be redressed.

Benjamin Pilkington
Paris 6e

Edward Sjolin

Being a Swede and being aware of the innate shortcomings of structured primogenature that has been part and parcel of the dispute within both the family (actual) and the obvious claims of the "wife". I was born and raised in the U. S. as a direct result of the primogenature laws which are midieval (read antidiluvien), but on the bright side, I ended up in the Florida Keys where snow is only a rumour.

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