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June 15, 2009


Sean Chercover

Terrific interview, Sarah! You rock. Thanks for posting it.

Michael Padgett

Great interview. If you can handle Ellroy you can handle anybody. I'd loved all of Ellroy's stuff up through "American Tabloid", but "The Cold Six Thousand" seemed to take to unreadable extremes the style that started with "White Jazz", and it defeated me pretty quickly. I'm hoping "Blood's a Rover" will be a return to form.


Wow, that Colin Harrison guy is a nutjob.


So glad you posted this. Great job, Sarah. Even though I caught the interview at BEA, it's insightful to hear it again.

Craig McDonald

Great job with Mr. Ellroy, Sarah. "Interviewing" doesn't begin to cover the experience or demands of going toe-to-toe with that author.


Brava. Well done.

Cine Cynic

Never saw Ellroy in an interview before. Tough guy to interview, especially when there is another very different author right beside. You did a wonderfully balanced job, Sarah.

Kathleen Givens

What a fabulous job you did, Sarah! Bravo, bravo! You made it look easy.


Ellroy is an amazing monster. So excited about Blood's a Rover.

Andrew Hunt

Colin Harrison didn't strike me as a nutjob. He's very eloquent and intelligent. James Ellroy, on the other hand, is very strange. I'm a big fan, but his giant ego is a turnoff. And he is awfully weird in an interview. He keeps getting stranger and stranger the older he gets. And sometimes, his telegraphic writing style gets bothersome. But I still love the guy.

Philip Spazzapan

Impressive interview. Five espresso-hopped rounds with the self-contained Colin Harrison at one end and his (bi?)-polar opposite the Demon Dog at the other. Fire and rain. Plot-spoiler: interviewer withstood the onslaught and lived to tell the tale. Better than that: went toe-to-toe and still standing tall.

Thoughtful questions elicited engaging answers from both authors. Memo to other bystanders: with Harrison you focus and listen and with Ellroy you distill the whirlwind. Great stuff!

One or two bottom-feeders are demanding an encore. Ménage-a-trios, anyone? Just joking.

Tom Sutpen

Ellroy's giant ego is, I suspect, like his professed far-right political bent: largely exaggerated, almost entirely performance-driven, and completely belied by his writing. I don't buy it for a second as something serious . . . and I'm not sure that he expects us to, either.

Joshua Chaplinsky

Got a review of Rover up at ChuckPalahniuk.net


Hope you don't mind I linked to this vid.

Jeremy Wagner

I was there in the front row. Out of all the publishing industry conferences I've been to, this was the most entertaining panel I've seen. Also, Colin Harrison is one of my favorite authors, so that was a real treat.

Great job, Sarah!



I am just catching up with this now. Oh my gosh! A tremendous performance.

You rock.

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