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June 14, 2009



So happy to see you recommend _Britten & Brulightly_. Wasn't it delightful? I tried to intrigue the folks at the now-defunct Readerville into it, but don't think I had any success. I can't wait to see what Berry does next.


I've read the first and last books you listed and can attest to their quality. Fun reads. I picked up "Britten and Brulightly" based on your earlier recommendation.

Dana King

I don't want to say too much about DARLING JIM here, as there's no way to keep from being a spoiler, but didn't you think the manner in which the story was told pulled the believability out of it? The diaries were awfully detailed to have been written under the circumstances under which they were supposed to be written, and it pushed me way past the amount I was willing to suspend disbelief.

Moerk can definitely write, though. I'd love to see him try his hand at something a little less convoluted.


Dana I agree about the diaries being too detailed in "Darling Jim," and that was my one problem with the novel. I forgave Moerk on that count because the rest of the novel was strong. He's someone I'll watch.

Dana King

I'm with you on that. The diaries kept this book from winning me over, but the writing will bring me back for a second taste.

jenny milchman

I loved Linwood Barclay's two most recent thrillers and am excited to see a title here I didn't know about...


I loved Rennie Airth's first book and went crazy waiting for the second. I am thrilled to read there is a third!

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