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August 31, 2009


Charles Ardai

Celia Fremlin! Now there's a name from my past. I remember reading her stories in ELLERY QUEEN when I was a kid. Loved them. Some of them were grim and macabre like a cross between Shirley Jackson and Roald Dahl. One line I remember: "I struggled like a thing demented to break the paralysis of nightmare." Good stuff! A bit of Poe, a bit of de Maupassant, a bit of Cornell Woolrich and Stanley Ellin, but always very much from a woman's perspective. Hell of a good writer. I admit I never got very far with her novels (put several down unfinished), but her short stories were a concentrated blast of blackness that could darken even the brightest day, and I ate them up like candy.

Thomas Thompson

I love this web site, but I am mystified by writers or con-
tributors who praise Daniel Brown's novels. He does have a vivid imagination, in my opinion, but his prose is terrible. It is simplistic and undeveloped and does not add to any appeal his novels might have. Enough said!

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