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October 20, 2009



Wrong subject! These days, most of us would settle for staying published at the most modest level -- while keeping our self-respect intact.

Charles Ardai

One minor correction: 1CPW is "Trump International Hotel and Tower," not "Trump Tower." Trump Tower is at 725 Fifth Avenue. Just for those of you trying to keep your Trump properties straight.

(See also "Trump World Tower" on First Avenue, not to mention "Trump Palace," "Trump Place," "Trump Parc," and "Trump Plaza.")


@Charles - I always mess that up, so correction duly noted.

@I.J. - I would like to believe that one can feel empathy for anyone in a difficult situation, regardless of net worth.

Nick Ruffilo

I once worked for the financial industry. Its sad but they really all seem to be crooks and I really find it crazy at the lack of regulation. I rarely root for the rich who complain about losing money, but I do hope that if these claims are true that this firm get shut down.

Thanks for passing this

Steven Torres

Cutting the bat mitzvah check seems like real chutzpah to me.

Still, nice to know she's made at least 40 million. Maybe one day...

JD Rhoades

I suspect that Ms. Cornwell will find, to her chagrin, that the contracts she signed with Anchin, Block & Anchin contain clauses that bar any lawsuit and require her to submit to binding arbitration under conditions very favorable to the firm.

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