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January 19, 2010



Every young man wants to be Spenser, the wise cracking tough guy that all the woman loved. It was such a simple concept that RBP took to the highest level. I never get tired of reading his books, I guess I'll just have to start from the beginning again. Mr. Parker you will be missed.

Al Magz

"And there is a Catskill eagle in some souls that can alike dive down into the blackest gorges, and soar out of them again and become invisible in the sunny spaces. And even if he for ever flies within the gorge, that gorge is in the mountains; so that even in his lowest swoop the mountain eagle is still higher than other birds upon the plain, even though they soar."
- H. Melville

Albert Nagy


Sharon Miller

I've read all the books except the westerns. Now I will have to go back and read them, too. I have been weepy all day. No writer has done so much with simple words since Raymond Chandler. And I cannot imagine never having that heart-leap again--the one that happened each time I saw a new Parker on the local bookstore shelves.


This was like losing a dear friend. I have read every one of his books (I believe there were 54) and I loved every one. What a great way to go, doing that which you love and what you do so well. He will be missed so much, but I'm looking forard to the upcoming selections spoken of here. My thoughts are with Joan, Dan & Dave (people I feel that I know)..I read the book they wrote together THREE WEEKS IN SPRING, and was so impressed with their love and devotion to each other. Rest In Peace beloved author.


I always wanted to gobble up the Spencer novels, beginning with the very first one. I had to force myself to slow down, to savor each word, and stretch out my reading for at least a few days. At the end of each one, I always was hungry for more. Mr. Parker, you are missed but your legacy will live on forever.

Faith Hyde

We so loved his writing! The characters he created. And their voices. We will miss him always and feel glad to have journeyed with him on the adventures of Spenser, Jesse, Sunny, Susan, Pearl( the wonder dog), Hawk and all the rest! Robert Parker's legacy will live on in our glad to be there memories!

Carrie Drake

Loved his books. They were wonderfully entertaining...at a time in my life when I was quite depressed it was of great distress to me that Spenser would have dismissed me as shallow and unworthy of his time...
He will be missed by all of us who read his books.


Hearing about Parker's death was very shocking. I have read most of the Spenser books and was totally into Jesse Stone. Have read every one so far and have ordered the remaining two and look forward to reading them. Kind of a comfort thing - knowing I can just reach over and grab a Jesse book. Liked to read one of his and then go to something else and come back to another Jesse. It is like revisting a friend and finding out what he has been doing. What a lose we have to deal with. Can't imagine a world without Jesse and Spenser and all the others. Can't imagine a world without RBP.


"Let us go then, you and I, when the evening is spread out against the sky..." His "necktie will be rich and modest, but asserted by a simple pin." And he "will hear the mermaids singing, each to each."

Jim Pertierra

I feel like I have lost a very dear friend. I would look forward to the Fall each year knowing that I would be able to renew ties to Spenser and to Hawk and the rest of the crew. We were blessed that he was so prolific and left us such a legacy.

His loss though, is irreplaceable. I hope he is in Heaven with Ross McDonald deciding whether Boston or LA was the better setting.

My prayers to Joan and his sons.

Mary Carter

After read The Godwulf Manuscript, I never missed any of the Spenser books down through the years. I always looked forward to the next one and now there will be only a few more, then silence. This is a great loss to all Mr. Parker's admirers, he will be greatly missed.

Becky Altenburg

We discovered Robert B. Parker novels about 5 years ago and tried to collect and read all of them. He was the best writer I have ever enjoyed so much. The We here is my 75 year old sister and myself. Thank you for all the wonderful stories and the dedications to your wife, in all of the beginning pages, were so beautiful. We especially love the Spenser series. Sincerely Becky Altenburg Rest in peace.

Mark Watkins

Wow, Ed McBain now the incredible Robert Parker. Parker was the master of dialogue and could convey more in a short sentence than some people could say in a page. I am deeply saddened by his loss and I pray for his family.

Shaun McGuire

The first Parker book I read was Early Autumn when I was in high school 25 years ago. I was blown away by the dialog and "realness" of the story. I have read all but the Westerns. His books are the only reason I check the New In Print section at a bookstore, just waiting for the next glimpse into his great imagination. I may have to give up reading all together for awhile...

Robert C. Fischer

I'm very proud that Bob Parker and I were classmates at ColbyCollege. I've been one of his biggest fans
since Spenser started. But Bob never knew it. I've taken many trips to Cambridge, Mass, but never
wanted to impose on his time or his personal life. Though we always greeted one another whenever
we met on campus, I was happy enough simply talking up whatever he wrote, encouraging everyone
around to read his terrific work. Rest in Peace, Robert..and thank you so much for cheering me with
your superb style and wonderful characters, including Pearl. I can't believe there won't be more.


I am in 'shock' too. Spenser has been an important part of my reading since I was 22, and I'm 35 now. My own tribute is up on my blog, if you think it's worthy, link it as well. I didn't know that he died at his desk, writing. What an amazingly satisfying 'plot device', Parker. Spenser would find it fitting.

Claudia Hammer

Two weeks ago I decided to get all the Robert Parker audio books from the library. There were 14 available. I listen to these while doing my daily paintings. I'm about half way through this marathon of spencer novels and a friend emails me the sad news. I agree that Spencer, Susan, Hawk, and Jessie Stone are going to miss him too. Love your wit Robert Parker. We'll miss you.

Paul Kastner

I feel a fitting tribute for Mr. Parker would be have contemporary detective author James Patterson complete the Spencer novel he was working on when he passed away, just as Mr. Parker had done by completing Raymond Chandler’s unfinished Marlowe manuscript "Poodle Spring. It would be fitting to have it end with Spencer, having solved his case, sitting on his couch with Susan by his side and Pearl at his feet while the dinner he is preparing simmers away. He looks at Susan and says, “Let’s just stay this way forever”. And so he will.

Cameron Hughes

I will be very very angry if a writer ever touches Spenser, ESPECIALLY the worst crime "writer" out there: James Patterson.

David b. Green

Attn: Mrs Joan Parker
Some years ago your husband and I began corresponding (1997) and he was very encouraging regarding my ambitions as a crime writer. He helped me through a very hard time in my life in the mid 90's when the SPENSER novels got me through. Over the last 12 years he has passed comments on my Oscar Phelps series of novels and in a note of 2005 he told me that when he died (his phrase was actually, "when he gets off the bus...")then SPENSER will get off with him. It seems apt and I agreed with him. I had offered to carry on the series and he said it was unseemly a possibility and I again agreed.

Joan, your husband has played a very big and significant part in my life and I will be forever grateful to him... and to you.

Please accept my deepest condolences and sympathy and from an English expatriate who found SPENSER while in Spain and then in Canada and now in Dubai, yours is a great loss not only to myself a devoted reader, but to the literary world. He was a great storyteller... Deepest Sympathy, David B. Green

Cynthia Childers

I feel absolutely lost. My husband and I were just wondering when another of his novels would be coming out. I have read all his works except for the westerns. I am glad I still have those to read. God I will miss all of them - Spencer, Hawk, Susan, Jesse, Sunny and all the supporting cast - the detectives and state police, the criminals - all of them. He made them all come alive.

I am so so sorry. HIs family must be devastated by his sudden passing. My deepest heartfelt condolences to all who loved him including his many many fans. Truly a loss that words can't express fully.

Rest in peace Mr. Parker. And thank you for all you gave us.

Tom Cottreau

Very sad news. I felt that I knew him better than some of my own family. He was part of us and will be missed...but I will still read all of his books. May he rest in peace

Julie Legg

Please please - if you hear anything about the memorial planned in mid-February, blog it here ASAP. I am making plans to come to Boston to be among the many others who knew him through his characters, stories and larger than life personna.


Robert made many of my nights....wish i could have met him...

Doreen Hanson

Deeply saddened, like the lose of a dear, close friend. I well
miss his spenser books. I've read them all. Sadly the end of a great series and a wonderful author. Saddened for his wife and family

Susan A.Wachtman

My whole family are readers and Robert B. Parker was one of our favorites. I have been a fan of his Jesse Stone novels along with Sunny Randall books too. I can't believe Robert B. Parker is gone. He leaves a big hole in my list of best authors.

Fred Stelts

What a great way to go for Mr. Parker. How sad for all of us who loved his books. God bless his family.

Julie Legg

Please, please - does anyone know anything about the "public memorial being planned for mid-february"?? I can't imagine not being there with all of the other Parker fans. I continue to mourn the loss of this great writer and person.

loy pineda

i cannot express the sadness i feel right now,the sense of loss.his is a unique and original voice in crime fiction.as Hawk would put it."I'll miss you honky!"

Aly Anliker

I was in a bookstore and just found out yesterday. I guess I'm still in shock. Not only is one of my favorite authors dead, but there is loss for Spenser and Jesse Stone, who were such richly drawn characters. Now their stories also have an end.



Now Pearl can quit waiting for him.


I always looked forward to the next book to see what Spenser, Susan, Hawk and Pearl were up to! This news hit me like a ton of bricks. Spencer was one of a kind and I feel like all those characters have died as well. I'm grateful for the gift Mr Parker shared with me for so long.

Blaise A. Russo

When I first heard of Robert Parker's death, I was deeply saddened. I felt as if I'd lost a member of my own family.
Mr. Parker's Spenser character symbolized the noblest of themes: integrity, loyalty, justice, and love. Spenser's relationship with Susan Silverman was undoubtedly inspired by Mr. Parker's undying love for, and devotion to his wife, Joan. Many of Spenser's qualities and values are a blueprint for how to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.
Mr. Parker's work has impacted my life in many wonderfully uplifting ways. His work inspired me to such an extent that when my son was born he was given the middle name, Avery, after the actor who played Hawk in the television series.
The world is a better place because of Mr. Parker and his writing. He will be greatly missed. Thankfully, he will live in the hearts and minds of all of us who have been touched by the gift of his extraordinary literary genius.

(Mrs.) Patt Olson

I'm so very sorry for us all--Mr. Parker was one of my favorite authors, funny and erudite at the same time, and drew wonderful characters in each of his books. I'm mourning him, even though I never knew him, but through his writings got an idea of how chivalrous he was.
I wish to extend my sympathies to his Joan and his children.
He will be deeply missed.


I will so miss this mans writing! Aloha Mr. Parker,Happy Sails.

Gavin Giddings

As a British fan, I have just heard this very sad news. As a teenager I found the Spenser novels addictive and compelling first for the dialogue and the action and, as I grew older, for the complexities of plot and life lessons. Most critics of his work believed it was easy but to those people I wolud say try it yourself. It is anyhting but easy to maintain the quality he did over such a long run. My thoughts are with his family. he will be missed by many.

Evelin Knoor

I was at Border's Bookstore buying yet another Spenser book when the bookseller told me Robert had died. I practically gasped and then almost cried. I enjoyed his Spenser and Stone series books so much. Read a little every night and go to bed smiling at the great humor of the characters.

Loretta Hartle

Today is 3/31/10 I just heard that my favorite author passed away, and I cried. Not only will I miss his writings, but, to realize that there will be no more Spencer books or Jesse Stone books has left a void in my heart.I always went on line to see when his new book was coming out. I will really miss his thinking and even some of the recipes that Spencer cooked up. God rest his soul. May he meet up with Robert Urich and they can talk all about Spencer.

David Tartaglia

I just came upon this sad newsI am totally devastated. I am so terribly saddened by this. I feel sorry for his family, though I hope they find some peace in knowing what a tremendous impact he made on the lives of so many people through his writing. A close friend of mine that passed away 14 years ago turned me on to Robert Parker and now I feel as though I am grieving both the loss again of my friend and of Bob.

Karen Lingat

Just heard an interview with Tom Selleck who is doing a Jesse Stone movie. He mentioned that Mr. Parker had passed away. First I've heard about it. Mr. Parker was an excellent writer and I've enjoyed all the characters he created.


I just watched the lastest Jesse Stone and saw the acknowledgement at the end.... I had no idea! Robert Parker was and incredible man and author... the world will not be the same without him.
My sincerest condolences to his wife and sons....

I'm in shock...


Mary Anne

I am so stunned..I just finished watching the new Jesse Stone movie and then, the news Robert Parker 1932-2010. My favorite author and all the characters that have been daily bread and butter-Hawk, Susan, all gone in an instant...just gone. So sad, and thanks to him for all the wonderful hours of reading his works. I read on his page about how his Joan and sons were the most important. Good bye, my dear friend.

Nana Joy

He will be sorely missed, I have been reading his novels for years and just finished The Proffesional. I am watching the new Jesse Stone movie right now and plan on going back and reading all of the Spencer novels again. My thoughts are with his family.

Tibor R. Machan

What a loss! Have read nearly everything he wrote--discovered him many moons ago. What great reads he produced. But there was also a fundamental moralism to him which came through in one of the novels, Early Autumn, in which Spencer takes care of a teen. It is a beautiful read, warm and sensible.

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Ron MacDonald

My geat interest has been the "Jesse Stone series. Finally a writer was able to capture the reality of solving crime and dealing with people in the "small-community-police-work" setting: real time work I did for thirty odd years. Partnered with Tom Selleck, (no actor could play Stone better) in the movie productions of his works drama and reality finally met, face to face. Parker you are missed, Stone keep up the good work.

Ginger Hemmingsenb

Robert Parker did the impossible-he made my husband fall in love with reading. We somehow missed the news of his death, and were just talking recently about dreading the day we lost him. His books made him feel like a friend, and knowing that there is an end to his wonderful humor and imagination feels like a second death. Unlike many serial novelists, his books never felt like retreads. We had many animated discussions about his characters and their stories. He brought them to life, and losing the next chapter of their stories becomes a third death. I dread telling my husband that he is gone. It feels like a personal blow and we will miss him. Bless you Mr. Parker, for opening the world of reading to my husband.

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If you lose you way, Your forever friend guides you and cheers you on. Your forever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay.

Debbie Campbell

I am very sad for his passing he is a great writer...R.I.P.....Robert you will missed alot by aoot of people I have read all the your books....you where one of my favorite writer...I can believe it I just logged into find out when his next book was coming out and I read it hear,,what a surprize I am so sorry for his family..my thoughts and prayers are with you...

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