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January 11, 2010



Besides being a brilliant editor with eclectic taste and a feisty, independent vision for Soho, Laura was a caring, insightful person. Seeing ahead she prepared Bronwen to take over Soho and to the end kept editing. Among many others, I'm privileged to have had Laura as my editor. Blessed that she edited my work and owe her more than I can say. I tried to never disappoint her.
Laura took the subway to Soho, and until she got a Sony reader, carried manuscripts in her bag and edited on her way to work. I see her now, sleeves rolled up, red pencil in hand and peering up over her glasses. A smile on her face. I will remember her like that


Laura was a fine editor and a finer person, supportive and gentle and accessible. Juris and she made Soho into an outstanding house by operating under the deceptively simple concept that they would publish the manuscripts they enjoyed and appreciated, instead of always trying to determine which ones would be the most marketable.

Stuart Neville

I only knew Laura for about a year, and only met her twice, but I owe her a huge debt of gratitude. I am honoured to have known her for the short time that I did.

Jim Benn

I'm stunned. Laura taught me so much.
Jim Benn


I've already said elsewhere, and will say again, that this is a loss to publishing, as well as to all the people who knew and loved Laura as a person. To Cara's picture, I'll add the memory I have of her sitting at the round table at Soho, with twenty of my 9th graders seated around her at her feet like little elementary school students, listening spellbound while she explained the business of publishing to them, holding up unbound galleys, and ARCs, and jacket mock-ups, so that they could see the stages of a printed book. She was as kind and gracious to them as to all of her authors. She will be missed.

Leighton Gage

Laura was a great lady.
There are people who, to the end of their lives, will remember her with fondness and admiration.
I am one of them.

Kelly Cherry

She was an excellent editor. I am so sorry to hear this.

Garry Disher

Laura broke my Australian-set police procedurals into the US market, for which I'm eternally grateful, and was kind and gracious to me on my author tour last May. I'll remember her with great fondness. Garry Disher

Robert Pépin

What a loss! Laura was such a sweet, kind and knowledgeable person. Talking books with her in her office was always a treat. I'll miss you terribly, Laura. Robert Pépin


I only met Laura once and I can felt that she is such a nice person. I am so sorry to hear this and it's really a loss to publishing.

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