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March 28, 2010


Cornelia Read

Hi, Sarah,

Is part of what you were going to say about DON'T THEY KNOW I'M RUNNING missing? And do you mean DO THEY KNOW I'M RUNNING?

Just checking...


Fixed and thanks. Another reason for the mini-hiatus: the site is desperately in need of a redesign, rethink and a new CMS platform where the HTML editor doesn't mess up based on what browser I use.

Cornelia Read

Just so you know we all miss you desperately, every day you don't post. But it's fabulous that you've got so much great stuff happening, so I'll try not to get selfish about not being able to access your fresh brilliance daily from my bookmarks bar.

Scott Phillips

much as I enjoy "Confessions," I'm glad to see you so busy.

Declan Burke

Lady, don't leave us now, just when we need you most ...

David J. Montgomery

Within a few years, whenever the topic of blogs comes up, people will just roll their eyes.

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