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May 12, 2010


Adam McFarlane

I just caught part of the show--fabulous! You can hear the whole thing online, so I hope everyone goes to the website and listens, if they missed it. Kerri Miller is a charming, lovely host. And I can't think of two better guests to discuss crime fiction.


I listened to the radio show (actually podcast replay of said show) from which this list was derived from. It was all that’s wrong with talk radio: the hostess said the topic was “what mystery/thriller character would you like to meet in a bar and have a beer with and what would you ask them?”…rather than, say, “who’s your favorite character from a mystery series and why?” And she insisted on asking that question to every caller:

Hostess: Let’s hear from Bill in Twin Lakes
Bill: I like Jonathan Kellerman’s books that feature Alex Delaware.
Hostess: Bill, if you met Alex in a bar and had a beer with him, what would you ask him?
Bill: Click


I listened to about 5 minutes of today's show and was thrilled with the topic. I was just about to call in and suggest a great character in this genre is Barry Eisler's John Rain. But then I realized I would be asked the douchebag question about having a beer with him. So I put down the phone, turned off the radio and contemplated suicide. Thanks for nothing.


I called and all I got was a doe response

Thomas Colt

Wayman, you should totally call back in. Sometimes there is a doe response, but sometimes you actually get to talk to Kerri or Rush Limbaugh. I'm proud to be a long-time supporter of MPR, the only public radio organization in the country promoting the conservative political agenda.

Adam McFarlane

Was your comment was a joke, Thomas? Rush Limbaugh's never been a guest on any program broadcast on Minnesota Public Radio. Are you mixing MPR up with something else?

Your comment's mildly amusing. I've heard claims that MPR has a left-leaning bias. Never heard it described as "promoting the conservative political agenda".

You raised my eyebrows with that one.

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