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June 06, 2010


Michael Padgett

I came here looking for the Weekend Update and get this sad news I hadn't seen anywhere else despite spending a couple of hours on the internet this morning. For anyone who values literary excellence, "Wittgenstein's Mistress" is certainly one of the essential works of 20th century fiction. I bought the two crime novels when they were reprinted a few years ago, and never got around to them. Now would be a good time.

Jed Markson

Thank you for your kind words about my father. He would have appreciated them.
Thank You,
Jed Markson

Mike Hudson

woke up to the news that my great and good friend, the author david markson, died yesterday at 82. i've thought of him as "america's greatest living novelist" since reading his "wittgenstein's mistress" in 93. we carried out a long and sometimes contentious correspondence throughout that time, spoke on the phone a few times a year...huge red sox fan. hated the yankees. i'll miss his presence among us.

Mike Hudson

Mort Gilles

I was a friend of David's and will miss him. I am looking at a photo that he gave me, taken around 1960, of him with Jack Kerouac leaning against him, passed out. In addition to being a great writer, he was a great story-teller and nobody told a joke quite like David. He was a rabid Red Sox fan and would tease me relentlessly about my preferred team, the much hated NY Yankees. How I will miss that ribbing and the tales of hanging out with Vonnegut, running into Dimaggio at Toots Shor and seeing Ernest and Mary Hemingway at a fight at the Garden. David was one of a kind and perhaps he will now get the recognition he has so long deserved.


He was a legend around our house, although I never met him. My dad was a childhood friend of David's back in Albany, NY and he had lots of stories to tell of their exploits playing in the streets and running from stray dogs and trouble. Dad died a couple of years ago and mom has been sorting through his belongings. I stopped by to see my mother this morning and she told me the sad news that David passed away. She also told me that she had just recently thrown out correspondence from David to my dad. Darn, mom.

Tyler Malone

Check out http://readingmarksonreading.tumblr.com for scans of some of Markson's marginalia...

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