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July 27, 2010



I enjoyed your article, but FYI the link goes to page 2.


They are indeed wonderful, much better than Larsson. It's a great pity that we come upon some of the truly great mystery writers decades after they struggled to become known.

Ralph H.

What I.J. said. They set the standard, creating vastly more interesting characters and not descending so readily into Nordic gloom. _The Laughing Policeman_ remains one of the very best police procedurals ever written.


The Terrorist the tenth in the series was written a mere 35 years ago, Roseanna 45 years ago, so it is nice that the mainstream have finally recognized the position of Martin Beck and his team in the history of crime fiction. Even the less well known of this series such as The Locked Room and The Fire Engine That Disappeared are far better than many of the modern books.
The younger generation are very lucky to have the new Harper Perennial and Vintage reissues because I read Roseanna and Cop Killer back in the 1970s and spent hours in used book stores looking for the rest of the series.


Thank you for your article.As always you are focussed on the most interesting people. However I am puzzled by your comment about royalties. This is not reflected in the Guardian article?


These are the writers who made me a mystery reader. Years ago my mother turned me on to these books. Excellent job on this.

kathy d.

Absolutely! Agree with you about Sjowall and Wahloo. Have read three of the 10 books; this year read "The Laughing Policeman," and "The Locked Room" (what incredible minds figured out this unique solution and the complexity of the intertwining plots). Plan to start with "Roseanna," and read the rest.

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