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July 03, 2010



I read both those earlier books and enjoyed them a lot. Personally, I'd prefer to read a third in the Sarah series than this new book, which sounds as if it is aimed at a different sort of readership. But, as you say, well done to the author for continuing to be published in these difficult times.

kathy d.

Sounds good. I liked Compton's first two books and her main character very much, have been looking for more by her. I agree I'd rather read more about Sarah Pribek but will try this one out.

Naomi Hirahara

Great to hear about Jodi's new series! And I'm glad that she kept her name.

Thriller Lover

Thrilled to hear about Jodi Compton's comeback. I loved her Pribek novels, and I was distressed to see her suffer from the dreaded "two books and gone" disease. Compton is one of those invisible authors with virtually no on-line presence; it's nice to see she has a website the second time around.

Now if Joshua Spanogle can get his third novel published, I'll be a happy man.

Jordan Retro 10

Whatever we do, we should think twice, then things will be better than past. As the proverb says: all things are difficult before they are easy.

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