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August 08, 2010



Read Savages and thought it was terrific, one of my favorites of the year too.

Dean B

Prequel to "Shibumi"? Written by Don Winslow?? Jesus, lady, you made my Monday.

Michael Padgett

My favorite novel this year by far. Only Thomas Perry's "Strip" and the first third of "The Passage" (but not the last two thirds) come close. Any idea when, or even if, "The Gentleman's Hour" will appear in the US? Or should I just spring for a UK copy?

Richard Bush

Okay, darned it. You've snared me.

Clayton Moore

Hell, yes. More from the man: http://www.bookslut.com/mystery_strumpet/2010_02_015771.php

Doug Riddle

While reading Savages I kept thinking back to another novel from long ago....1974's Dog Soldiers by Robert Stone. Both novels capture a moment in time that reflects the larger world around them.

Can't wait for Satori. Would also love to see what Winslow could do with Dr. Hemlock.


I've been reading him since California Fire & Life, he so deserves a wider audience with this great, great book. Laugh out loud funny in parts, and so amazingly tight. Wow. If you haven't bought The Gentlemen's Hour from Amazon.uk, the sequel to The Dawn Patrol, you're missing out.

Kent Morgan

Check out Bookdepository.uk for The Gentleman's Hour. That's where I got my copy. They don't charge for shipping. California Fire and Life is a terrfic book also.

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