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August 05, 2010


Harvey D.

This is good news and I'll look forward to the results.

I don't understand, though, about what that Press Release called "transparent pseudonym"s. If you want to write a different style "anonymously" under a different name okay. Or if you write more than one series which appeal to different target audiences. But why "transparently" when you tout your "real" name on the bookjacket a la John Banville and others?

I'm genuinely curious. Thanks.

Walter R.

It's nice that you liked "Lush Life," but after a good beginning -- his short stories about cops are good -- the book really went nowhere. Annoying damaged cop characters that are a cliche, ghetto punks poorly imagined, and an amoral Yuppie straight out of Whit Stillman -- you got nobody to care about, and a story that had no real drama anyway. Lucky for him that nobody notices!

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