Linda Millar’s brief life was full of tragedy. Her secrets found their way into novels thanks to her celebrated parents, Ross Macdonald and Margaret Millar. It’s time to see who she really was.


An ongoing obsession with a long-ago unsolved murder finally subsides, only for the writer to find a plausible solution


Estelle Evans knew her fiancé had betrayed her — she had no idea what else he was capable of.

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For six years, Elizabeth and Molly Kendall shared their world with the serial killer. Now they’re ready to tell their story.

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She was the grande dame of American crime fiction, at the height of her powers, when she fell into a murder mystery of her own.


Survivors of the real ‘Central Park Five’ attacker speak for the first time.

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In 1974, a British journalist met a stranger at a hotel bar and agreed to a road trip. She wanted to see America.


Forensic genealogists at Parabon NanoLabs are using DNA databases to solve cold cases faster than anyone could have imagined. But how will their techniques hold up in court?

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While the Sally Horner case gave ‘Lolita’ its main character, the Edward Grammer case gave the book an almost perfect murder.

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The bizarre true story of Lolita, My Love, the musical adaptation of Nabokov’s novel


For Years, Women Vanished. A Brooklyn Church Hid the Secret.

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A champion Boston Terrier disappeared during a victory lap at a Chicago dog show in 1934. Then came the phone call demanding money.

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When director Barbara Loden’s Wanda came out in 1970, few could have guessed that it would become a cult classic. Even fewer knew about the real woman who inspired it.

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